Birds in the Air

Bird - Birds in the air - A picture of a lamp post where birds perch on

Should live as these birds…


Birds in Water

Bird - Birds in Water - A picture of ducks in water

Should play as these waves…

Inspired by Frank Jansen’s Dutch goes the Photo Tuesday Challenge Bird

Daily Post Photo Challenge Rounded


Bullie & Baarbie


Expressive Water!


Condensed Water

Condensed Water - A picture of clouds

Falling Water

Falling Water - A picture of a waterfalls

Flowing Water

Flowing Water - A picture of flowing water

Still Water

Still Water - A picture of a lake

Dancing Water

Dancing Water - A picture of dancing waves of the sea

Frothy Water

Frothy Water - A picture of foamy waves on a seashore

Silvery Water

Silvery Water - A view of a lake with silvery reflection on its surface

Golden Water

Golden Water - A view of a lake with the golden reflection of the sunset

Water is a glass and mirror,

With no shape or color of its own,

But displays different forms, activities and reflections!


Inspired by Frank Jansen’s Dutch goes the Photo Tuesday Challenge Water

WordPress Photo Challenge Variations on a Theme

Bullie & Baarbie



A friend in need is a friend in deed?

Friends - Dancing Waves

Pals take different paths,

Pursuing dreams and aspirations;

Remember all-time companions:

Waves and Trees.

Friends - Pine Tree aisles in the Woods


Inspired by the Daily Post Photo Challenge Friend


Bullie & Baarbie




An Insatiable Enthusiasm


Dancing waves hit the shore,

Fencing wet sands cut the corps,

Damping the rhythm of the breaker,

Ebbing from the pursuit of the border.




Playing kids reach the foam,

Competing with the water comb,

Chasing each other with insatiable syndrome,

Rippling ‘s always on the roam.




Inspired by
Daily Post Prompt Dancing









Renewal of a Day – Dawn

Renewal of Plants – Seeds



Renewal of Wet Sand – Waves on the Seashore



A beach on the East Coast Road, Chennai, India

Renewal of Night – Dusk



A sunset at the Marina Beach Road, Chennai, India. (Marina is the second largest beach in the world)

Renewal of Life – Birth

Renewal of Vision – Light

Renewal of Sound – Music

Renewal of Speech – Voice

Renewal of Smell – Fragrance

Renewal of Taste – Deliciousness



Potato and Peas Curry cooked by the author

Renewal of Health – Exercise

Renewal of Mind – Experience

Renewal of Love – Relationship

Renewal of Action – Effort

Renewal of Performance – Innovation

Renewal of Talent – Creativity

Renewal of Work – Reward

Renewal of Time – Travel / Time Travel

Renewal of Anything – Recurrence


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Echo – A Reflection of Sound or Silence?

Both.  Echo is a reflection of both sound and silence.

The echo of sound waves fades away…and that of silence accumulates…


Image Source: Internet



via Daily Prompt: Echo

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