Expressive Water!


Condensed Water

Condensed Water - A picture of clouds

Falling Water

Falling Water - A picture of a waterfalls

Flowing Water

Flowing Water - A picture of flowing water

Still Water

Still Water - A picture of a lake

Dancing Water

Dancing Water - A picture of dancing waves of the sea

Frothy Water

Frothy Water - A picture of foamy waves on a seashore

Silvery Water

Silvery Water - A view of a lake with silvery reflection on its surface

Golden Water

Golden Water - A view of a lake with the golden reflection of the sunset

Water is a glass and mirror,

With no shape or color of its own,

But displays different forms, activities and reflections!


Inspired by Frank Jansen’s Dutch goes the Photo Tuesday Challenge Water

WordPress Photo Challenge Variations on a Theme

Bullie & Baarbie




Sun descends to again rise,
Water falls to stop the dries,


Descending is falling, not failing!!




Inspired by

Daily Post Photo Challenge Rise/Set

Bullie & Baarbie


Tuesday Photo Challenge – Falling Water

Falling Water

A small waterfalls on the way uphill to Ootacamund, Tamil Nadu, India.



This creek passes under the bridge on which we passed by during our journey on the Nilgiris.



Falling Water

Blowing Wind

Swaying Trees

Blooming Flowers

Spreading Fragrance

Raining Clouds

Radiating Chillness

Making us Happy!




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