Solid, Liquid, Gas?

Where the Liquid-meets-the-Solid,

Solid, Liquid or Gas? - A view of a Lakeshore

There is Life-Valid,

Care for the Polluted,

Beware of being Pallid.

Inspired by Daily Post Photo Challenge Liquid

Daily Prompt Juxtapose

Bullie & Baarbie


Experimental Abstraction

My Photographic Experiment

Experimental Abstraction - A picture of reflection of water

With Reflection of Water!!

Experimental Abstraction - A shot of reflection of water under a bridge

Under the Bridge!!!

Howzzit? 😀

Inspired by the WordPress Daily Post Photo Challenge Experimental

Frank Jansen’s Dutch goes the Photo Tuesday Challenge Bridge

Bullie & Baarbie



Birds in the Air

Bird - Birds in the air - A picture of a lamp post where birds perch on

Should live as these birds…


Birds in Water

Bird - Birds in Water - A picture of ducks in water

Should play as these waves…

Inspired by Frank Jansen’s Dutch goes the Photo Tuesday Challenge Bird

Daily Post Photo Challenge Rounded


Bullie & Baarbie


Expressive Water!


Condensed Water

Condensed Water - A picture of clouds

Falling Water

Falling Water - A picture of a waterfalls

Flowing Water

Flowing Water - A picture of flowing water

Still Water

Still Water - A picture of a lake

Dancing Water

Dancing Water - A picture of dancing waves of the sea

Frothy Water

Frothy Water - A picture of foamy waves on a seashore

Silvery Water

Silvery Water - A view of a lake with silvery reflection on its surface

Golden Water

Golden Water - A view of a lake with the golden reflection of the sunset

Water is a glass and mirror,

With no shape or color of its own,

But displays different forms, activities and reflections!


Inspired by Frank Jansen’s Dutch goes the Photo Tuesday Challenge Water

WordPress Photo Challenge Variations on a Theme

Bullie & Baarbie


Where is the Bridge?


Over the Water

Where is the Bridge? - A view of a bridge on a lake

Under the Water!

Where is the Bridge? - A picture of a water sport at an amusement park

Sledge the backpack,

Fridge the tang snack,

Ridge the snowpack,

Bridge the vast gap.

Inspired by the Daily Post Photo Challenge Bridge

Frank Jansen’s Dutch goes the Photo Tuesday Challenge Bridge



Bullie & Baarbie


Music on Picture



Echo of Music



Music in the Air



Music of Water



Music; no noise  –
Vibrations in air,
Vibrations in water,
Vibrations in any medium.




Inspired by Dutch Goes The Photo Tuesday Photo Challenge Music
WordPress Daily Post Prompt Noise
(Bullie & Baarbie)


Blankets in Nature

Blankets in nature are manifold

The Blankets of the Sky and the Clouds



Blanket of Water



Blanket of Sand



Blanket of Turf



Blanket of Vegetation



Blanket of Flowers



Still more –

Different layers of the blanket of atmosphere,

Blanket of sunlight, radiation, et al,

Blanket of waterfalls and

so on…to infinity…

Blanketed at