The Other Side of Light

Objects in Shade…

The Other Side of Light - A Silhouette of Trees

The Other Side of Light - A Silhouette of a Peacock in a cage

The Other Side of Light - A Profile of two Ducks in a lake

The Other Side of Light - A Silhouette of a Monkey on a Tree

Are portrayed as shapes in just 2D (two-dimensions) !!

Inspired by WordPress Daily Prompt Silhouette and Creature and Dim

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Scale Your Growth

Exceptional Comparisons

Tiny Blocks of Shelter on Mighty Mountains

Scale Your Growth - A view of Tiny Blocks of Shelter on Mighty Mountains

Scaling Heights of Towering Trees

Scale Your Growth - An upward view of Scaling Heights of Towering Trees

On what scale do you measure your growth?

On it depends whether you’re successful or not!

Inspired by the WordPress Daily Post Photo Challenge Scale

WordPress Daily Prompt Exceptional


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Bury the Seeds of Life

Bury the Seeds in the Soil! Now!!



For what (soil) plants and trees give us:
Food Grains:  Rice, Pulses, wheat, nuts and spices
Oil:  Gingelly, coconut, olive, corn, sunflower, peanut and in general, vegetable oils.
All Fruits and Vegetables
Beverages:  Coffee, tea and cocoa
Clothes: Cotton
Medicines:  Basil, Neem, Aloe Vera, Eucalyptus, Mint, et al.
Others:  Wood, Color (dye), paper, rubber, gum, et al!!!!




Inspired by the Daily Post prompt Bury
Daily Post prompt Soil
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Pick a Word

Thursday’s Special: Pick A Word in June Y2 Photo Challenge
A Procession of Goddess Sri Lakshmi on an Elephant




Branching of Trees and Hooked Mountains


Inspired by Paula’s Lost in Translation Thursday’s Special Pick A Word





Thursday’s Special: Female

All Females – the flowers, trees and women…


Female Gardeners






F – Fortitudinous
E – Empathetic
M – Merciful
A – Authentic
L – Lovable
E – Enduring



Inspired by Paula’s Lost In Translation Thursday’s Special Female