Rise High

Awakening from a long hiatus,

Rise High - A view of a sunrise while on a boat

Returning to join the race of the journey of life,

Repeating the same old process but with –

Renewal! Rejuvenation ! & Revitalization !

Bullie & Baarbie


East and West

The Rising Sun
The Setting…


Inspired by Daily Post Photo Challenge Rise/Set
Bullie & Baarbie


The Other Side of Light

Objects in Shade…

The Other Side of Light - A Silhouette of Trees

The Other Side of Light - A Silhouette of a Peacock in a cage

The Other Side of Light - A Profile of two Ducks in a lake

The Other Side of Light - A Silhouette of a Monkey on a Tree

Are portrayed as shapes in just 2D (two-dimensions) !!

Inspired by WordPress Daily Prompt Silhouette and Creature and Dim

WordPress Photo Challenge Variations on a Theme

Bullie & Baarbie


Graceful – Mother Nature

Which is graceful?

Graceful - Mother Nature - A view of a lake at dawn

The Roof of Sky?

The Bed of Water?

The Light of Sun?

The Pillows of Hills?

The Piece of Plant? or simply

The Boat and the Boatman?

Graceful is Mother Nature! herself


Inspired by WordPress Daily Post Photo Challenge Serene and Beloved


Bullie & Baarbie