Sandy Terrains

Sands on Terrains

Sand on Mountains

Sand on Mountains - A mountain lakeside view

Sand on Beaches

Sands on Beach - A view of a seashore with wet sand

Sands on Beach - A view of a Beach with dry sands

Sand on Plains

Sands on Plains - A view of a sandy plain

Every particle of air in the sky,

Every drop of morning dew,

Every spark of blazing fire,

Every grain of dry and wet sand;

For us to put our foot forth

Firmly on the Earth;

Say the captivating news to those who would want to hope…that…

God still loves the world!


Inspired by Frank Jansen’s Dutch goes the Photo Tuesday Challenge Sand

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Bullie & Baarbie

Pedestrian Sands

A Walk along the Seashore

Pedestrian Sands - A picture of footprints along the seashore

Purely Pedestrian!

Pedestrian Sands - A snapshot of Footprints on sand

Walking is an exercise,

Making us fit and healthy;

Taking us to our destination,

Raking the Earth with our footprints!

Inspired by Daily Post Photo Challenge Pedestrian

Frank Jansen’s Dutch goes the Photo Tuesday Challenge Sand


Bullie & Baarbie


3 – Three


Hope I’m not monkeying around the script! 😁

Three - A picture of three Monkey statues


Three or One? - A picture of a Ceiling Fan

It’s three!

It's three! - A picture of a Purse, Bottle and Boots

Three Most Essential Questions in Life:

1 – What?

2 – Why?

3 – When?

Inspired by Dutch goes the Photo Tuesday Challenge Three


Bullie & Baarbie


Blankets in Nature

Blankets in nature are manifold

The Blankets of the Sky and the Clouds



Blanket of Water



Blanket of Sand



Blanket of Turf



Blanket of Vegetation



Blanket of Flowers



Still more –

Different layers of the blanket of atmosphere,

Blanket of sunlight, radiation, et al,

Blanket of waterfalls and

so on…to infinity…

Blanketed at