Devastation – Unexpected

The students and youth of the Tamil Nadu state of India, staged a week-long protest to lift the ban on Jallikattu and for the amendment of PCA Act, in a peaceful and a democratic way.

One fine morning on monday, the protestors were attacked (women/pregnant women and children were among the protestors).  We had a difficult time commuting as the roads were blocked by protestors (or antisocial elements? as the students protested in a smooth manner) and many vehicles were burnt.  It was a total devastation for the whole state of Tamil Nadu as many including women were beaten and the injured are in hospitals.

These events are strange and new to Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu, as it is the most civilized and educated in the entire country.  The southern states, Kerala, Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and especially Tamil Nadu, are the ones where democracy is happening practically than the others, and people live in peace here.

This is the first event in history such a protest took place in such magnitude in Marina Beach, in a non-violent and calm way. However, the behavior of some antisocial entities induced a devastation to this level, the one which I have ever encountered in Chennai at least.