Blu Rays & Reflection


Violet, Indigo and Blue

Blue - Violet, Indigo and Blue - An abstract art

Blue - VIBGYOR - A picture of a Rainbow

Blue - An image of blue flowers

Blue - A shot of a bluish evening Sky

Blue - A picture of the Seawater blue

Does blue mean sad and gloomy?

It is calm and pleasant!

Inspired by Frank Jansen’s Dutch goes the Photo Tuesday Challenge Blue

Daily Post Prompt Priceless

WordPress Photo Challenge Variations on a Theme

Bullie & Baarbie


Artwork of My Two-Year-Old Boy

On the Mother’s day in 2012,

he was given a design and asked to do a drawing in an Artwork for Kids program.



Four years ago, he was an early pre-schooler attending classes at an age of two years (he hadn’t even started to speak…at that time), as a result of both the parents’ inevitable situation to pursue jobs to make both ends meet…

As we all tend to move towards development and advancement personally and socially; our home, dependents and kids lose their basic necessities, the love and care of their mother and father which is the most essential thing in every child’s life for him/her to develop as an individual…it’s a real serious thing to ponder over…isn’t it?

Let us love and take care of our children!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers!

Bullyboy Shammypapa