Rain rain go away,

Come again another day,

Rain - A picture of rain water on the roads of a city

For it is my passageway,

Rain rain go away!


Bullie & Baarbie



Birds in the Air

Bird - Birds in the air - A picture of a lamp post where birds perch on

Should live as these birds…


Birds in Water

Bird - Birds in Water - A picture of ducks in water

Should play as these waves…

Inspired by Frank Jansen’s Dutch goes the Photo Tuesday Challenge Bird

Daily Post Photo Challenge Rounded


Bullie & Baarbie


Where is the Bridge?


Over the Water

Where is the Bridge? - A view of a bridge on a lake

Under the Water!

Where is the Bridge? - A picture of a water sport at an amusement park

Sledge the backpack,

Fridge the tang snack,

Ridge the snowpack,

Bridge the vast gap.

Inspired by the Daily Post Photo Challenge Bridge

Frank Jansen’s Dutch goes the Photo Tuesday Challenge Bridge



Bullie & Baarbie


Child’s Play – A Journey of Joy or Sorrow?

Before the invention of computer/Internet/Technology – Kids liked to play in mud, were active running and playing with balls, etc.

Children Now !! – Addiction to Technology

After the invention of computer/Internet/Technology – They like to play only computer/mobile games making room for constant exposure to mild emission and/or radiation through Wi-Fi, etc, losing their physical activities and a healthy way of lifestyle.

Are we evolving or moving backwards?…Care for Children … Save the Children !!!