Absolutely Abstract

What Is In The Picture?

A piece of substance which fell from outer space?

Absolutely Abstract - A picture of an abstract art


An Abstract Painting?

Please enter your answers in the comments. 😋

The correct answer will be revealed in the comments section at the end of the week.

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The Dusk of 2017

2017 Favorites of Travel387

1.  Vaikunta Ekadasi

The Dusk of 2017 - Vaikunta Ekadasi - A picture of the front part of a Vaishnava Temple

Falls on December 29, 2017

2.  Cook, Eat and Drink

The Dusk of 2017 - Cook, Eat and Drink - A picture of fried fish

3.  Silence is Golden

The Dusk of 2017 - Silence is Golden - A view of the golden sunrays over the nilgiri mountains

4.  Woody Mood

The Dusk of 2017 - Woody Mood - A view of the sky from the middle of a pine forest in Ooty

5.  A Rich Cultural Heritage

The Dusk of 2017 - A Rich Heritage and Culture - A view of the sculptures of Lord Krishna and Kuchela at Mahabalipuram

6.  Bends and Slopes

The Dusk of 2017 - Bends and Slopes - A Silhouette of a mountain range in Nilgiris

7.  Pink or Flowers?

The Dusk of 2017 - Pink or Flowers? - A snapshot of flowers in all shades of pink

8.  Ambience

The Dusk of 2017 - Ambience - A snapshot of an interior of a flower show

9.  Graceful Mother Nature

The Dusk of 2017 - Graceful Mother Nature - A view of a serene lake

The above blogs are the ones which got the most response and well appreciated among the viewers and followers.  Thanks to each one of you who had shown a great gesture for the blog!

Although I connect to each of the above blogs very much, the first one in the list is of great importance to me and a favorite of mine as it is so intimate to me and I connect to it emotionally since it is a place which moulded me spiritually where I grew up playing with the neighborhood kids too.

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to one and all!! 😀

Thanks & Regards


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Rounded to be Found

Come on, solve the puzzle:

Rounded is reddish-orange,

Rounded is colorful,

Rounded is delicious,

Rounded is healthy,

Rounded is found!

Rounded - A Picture of Vegetables in a Basket

 Inspired by WordPress Daily Post Photo Challenge Rounded

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Scale Your Growth

Exceptional Comparisons

Tiny Blocks of Shelter on Mighty Mountains

Scale Your Growth - A view of Tiny Blocks of Shelter on Mighty Mountains

Scaling Heights of Towering Trees

Scale Your Growth - An upward view of Scaling Heights of Towering Trees

On what scale do you measure your growth?

On it depends whether you’re successful or not!

Inspired by the WordPress Daily Post Photo Challenge Scale

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Need of the Hour


A unit of measurement of the Earth’s rotation

A Dawn at the Beach
A Dawn at the Beach

Need of an Hour of darkness

Two Lit-up Diyas
Two Lit-up Diyas

The Sun rose and set,

But the hours went on;

The winds blew in its specific directions,

But the hours went on;

It drizzled, showered and rained heavily,

But the hours went on;

The snow fell and melted,

But the hours went on;

The Moon rose and set too,

The hours go on forever!


Inspired by Frank Jansen’s Dutch goes the Photo Tuesday Challenge Hour

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Pedestrian Sands

A Walk along the Seashore

Pedestrian Sands - A picture of footprints along the seashore

Purely Pedestrian!

Pedestrian Sands - A snapshot of Footprints on sand

Walking is an exercise,

Making us fit and healthy;

Taking us to our destination,

Raking the Earth with our footprints!

Inspired by Daily Post Photo Challenge Pedestrian

Frank Jansen’s Dutch goes the Photo Tuesday Challenge Sand


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