Dangerous, Yet Beautiful!

These little monkeys sport on trees rooted on the edge of the Nilgiri Mountain Ranges in the Southwestern part of India, Tamil Nadu.



A lone house on a slopy terrain at Kalhatty waterfalls near Ootacamund aka Ooty, Tamil Nadu, India.





Inspired by https://dailypost.wordpress.com/photo-challenges/danger/

Stay safe!








Vedic Astrology or Indian Astrology?

Significators or Karakas for Houses in a Birth Chart

  1. First House – Karaka – Sun:  The first house represents the native’s own self, body, mind and physique.
  2. Second House – Karaka – Jupiter:  The second house represents the native’s resources, family, family values/assets, speech, mouth, et al.

  3. Third House – Karaka – Mars:  The third house signifies the younger siblings, courage, efforts, performance, performing arts, short-distance travel, traveling abroad, journalism, TV media, communication, social media/Internet, et al.

  4. Fourth House – Karaka – Moon, Mercury:  The fourth house stands for mother, mother’s nurturing, nourishment, healing, home, homeland, land, immovable properties, vehicles, properties, comforts, happiness, et al.

  5. Fifth House – Karaka – Jupiter:  The fifth house shows the native’s children, progeny, procreation, creativity, knowledge, intelligence, fine arts, sports, expression of thoughts, recognition, gambling/stock trading/market, politics, et al.

  6. Sixth House – Karaka – Mars, Saturn:  The sixth house brings obstacles, competition, litigation, debts, health issues, hardships, maternal uncles, et al.

  7. Seventh House – Karaka – Venus:  The seventh house deals with spouse, partner, business partnerships, other people, market place, et al.

  8. Eighth House – Karaka – Saturn:  The eighth house brings about sudden ups and downs in life, inheritance, insurance, longevity of life, surgeries, transformation of the soul, diseases, death-like situations, occult, mysticism, in-laws, et al

  9. Ninth House – Karaka – Sun, Jupiter:  The ninth house is that of the father, gurus, teacher, higher knowledge, dharma, religion, spiritual knowledge, luck, blessings of God, et al.

  10. Tenth House – Karaka – Sun, Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter:  The tenth house is of karma, profession, career, job, social status, colleagues, father, authority, government, et al.

  11. Eleventh House – Karaka – Jupiter:  The eleventh is that of gains, earnings, income, large organizations, large network of friends, elder siblings, et al.

  12. Twelfth House – Karaka – Saturn:  The twelfth house signifies far-off foreign lands, loss, charity, isolation, spirituality, bed comforts, hospitalizations, et al.

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