Why, What, When, Where, Who?

PEOPLE… live a normal life according to their own opinion, but wait a moment…

is it normal from others’ standpoint?

In circumstances where things do not go the right way or go terribly wrong, a situation arises where we/people in-charge need to judge others to set it right. In such crisis, people whose actions are in accordance with the social norms of the place they live, get away without difficulty; whereas those whose deeds are not, get penalized.

People and situations would not be the same at all times and should be scrutinized on a case to case basis and from time to time. It is high time we give a thought on the nonperforming hard and fast rules and amend the socioeconomic rules and regulations in place from time to time so that it is a win-win situation for one and all.

It is our responsibility to maintain justness, peace and harmony in order to make the world a better place to live in.

THINK before you ACT!!!

The Dusk of 2017

2017 Favorites of Travel387

1.  Vaikunta Ekadasi

The Dusk of 2017 - Vaikunta Ekadasi - A picture of the front part of a Vaishnava Temple

Falls on December 29, 2017

2.  Cook, Eat and Drink

The Dusk of 2017 - Cook, Eat and Drink - A picture of fried fish

3.  Silence is Golden

The Dusk of 2017 - Silence is Golden - A view of the golden sunrays over the nilgiri mountains

4.  Woody Mood

The Dusk of 2017 - Woody Mood - A view of the sky from the middle of a pine forest in Ooty

5.  A Rich Cultural Heritage

The Dusk of 2017 - A Rich Heritage and Culture - A view of the sculptures of Lord Krishna and Kuchela at Mahabalipuram

6.  Bends and Slopes

The Dusk of 2017 - Bends and Slopes - A Silhouette of a mountain range in Nilgiris

7.  Pink or Flowers?

The Dusk of 2017 - Pink or Flowers? - A snapshot of flowers in all shades of pink

8.  Ambience

The Dusk of 2017 - Ambience - A snapshot of an interior of a flower show

9.  Graceful Mother Nature

The Dusk of 2017 - Graceful Mother Nature - A view of a serene lake

The above blogs are the ones which got the most response and well appreciated among the viewers and followers.  Thanks to each one of you who had shown a great gesture for the blog!

Although I connect to each of the above blogs very much, the first one in the list is of great importance to me and a favorite of mine as it is so intimate to me and I connect to it emotionally since it is a place which moulded me spiritually where I grew up playing with the neighborhood kids too.

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to one and all!! 😀

Thanks & Regards


Bullie & Baarbie

Sandy Terrains

Sands on Terrains

Sand on Mountains

Sand on Mountains - A mountain lakeside view

Sand on Beaches

Sands on Beach - A view of a seashore with wet sand

Sands on Beach - A view of a Beach with dry sands

Sand on Plains

Sands on Plains - A view of a sandy plain

Every particle of air in the sky,

Every drop of morning dew,

Every spark of blazing fire,

Every grain of dry and wet sand;

For us to put our foot forth

Firmly on the Earth;

Say the captivating news to those who would want to hope…that…

God still loves the world!


Inspired by Frank Jansen’s Dutch goes the Photo Tuesday Challenge Sand

WordPress Photo Challenge Variations on a Theme

WordPress Daily Prompt Dominant

Bullie & Baarbie

Yellow – Sky


Twinkle twinkle little star

How I wonder what you are

A picture of a scrap book with yellow sky theme

Down on Earth on my kids’ desk

Like a diamond in the Yellow sky!


Inspired by the Daily Post Photo Challenge Collage

Bullyboy Shammypapa

Simply Divine – Color Your World – Gold

The beauty of the Almighty!

Decorated with glittering Gold ornaments embedded with Rubys, Pearls, Emeralds and Blue Sapphires!

Simply Divine - A picture of God Vishnu with his consorts Sridevi and Bhudevi

For liberation from karma –

Simply Divine 1 - A picture of God Vishnu with his consorts Sridevi and Bhudevi

Let us simply surrender ourselves to GOD!


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Devastation – Unexpected

The students and youth of the Tamil Nadu state of India, staged a week-long protest to lift the ban on Jallikattu and for the amendment of PCA Act, in a peaceful and a democratic way.

One fine morning on monday, the protestors were attacked (women/pregnant women and children were among the protestors).  We had a difficult time commuting as the roads were blocked by protestors (or antisocial elements? as the students protested in a smooth manner) and many vehicles were burnt.  It was a total devastation for the whole state of Tamil Nadu as many including women were beaten and the injured are in hospitals.

These events are strange and new to Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu, as it is the most civilized and educated in the entire country.  The southern states, Kerala, Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and especially Tamil Nadu, are the ones where democracy is happening practically than the others, and people live in peace here.

This is the first event in history such a protest took place in such magnitude in Marina Beach, in a non-violent and calm way. However, the behavior of some antisocial entities induced a devastation to this level, the one which I have ever encountered in Chennai at least.