Alley – Don’t Lose Your Marbles!


Alleys – Under a shade and without shade

Alley - Under a shade - A picture of a shady alley in a garden

Walk down the alleys of sweet memories,

Talk out the adjectives of all things around,

Stalk into the aura of pleasantness present,

Balk not to enjoy the goodness of life itself.


Alleys in Gardens

Alleys in Gardens - A closeup shot of an alley in a garden

Alleys in Gardens - A shot of an alley in a botanical garden

Alleys in Gardens - A picture of a natural pathway in a garden

Alleys in Mountainous Terrain

Alleys in a Mountainous Terrain - A picture of an alley on a mountain

An Alley in a Field

A view of an Alley in a Field


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