Every Tuesday – 2017

Top Ten in the Year Twenty Seventeen

1.  Cook, Eat and Drink


2.  Silence is Golden


3.  Woody Mood


4.  A Rich Cultural Heritage


5.  Bends and Slopes

Every Tuesday - Bends and Slopes - A view of a silhouette of mountains

6.  Pink or Flowers?


7.  An Unusual Sight

Every Tuesday - An Unusual Sight - A view of a temple car procession

8.  Sky is not the Limit

Every Tuesday - The Sky is not the Limit - A view of a morning sky

9.  Where is the Bridge?

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10.  Curves

Every Tuesday - Curves - A view of a curve-structured building

Above blogs are the ones which received the most response from the audience.  Thanks to one and all for the appreciation!

Wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 😀

Inspired by Dutch goes the Photo Tuesday Challenge Quotidian


Bullie & Baarbie


The Dusk of 2017

2017 Favorites of Travel387

1.  Vaikunta Ekadasi

The Dusk of 2017 - Vaikunta Ekadasi - A picture of the front part of a Vaishnava Temple

Falls on December 29, 2017

2.  Cook, Eat and Drink

The Dusk of 2017 - Cook, Eat and Drink - A picture of fried fish

3.  Silence is Golden

The Dusk of 2017 - Silence is Golden - A view of the golden sunrays over the nilgiri mountains

4.  Woody Mood

The Dusk of 2017 - Woody Mood - A view of the sky from the middle of a pine forest in Ooty

5.  A Rich Cultural Heritage

The Dusk of 2017 - A Rich Heritage and Culture - A view of the sculptures of Lord Krishna and Kuchela at Mahabalipuram

6.  Bends and Slopes

The Dusk of 2017 - Bends and Slopes - A Silhouette of a mountain range in Nilgiris

7.  Pink or Flowers?

The Dusk of 2017 - Pink or Flowers? - A snapshot of flowers in all shades of pink

8.  Ambience

The Dusk of 2017 - Ambience - A snapshot of an interior of a flower show

9.  Graceful Mother Nature

The Dusk of 2017 - Graceful Mother Nature - A view of a serene lake

The above blogs are the ones which got the most response and well appreciated among the viewers and followers.  Thanks to each one of you who had shown a great gesture for the blog!

Although I connect to each of the above blogs very much, the first one in the list is of great importance to me and a favorite of mine as it is so intimate to me and I connect to it emotionally since it is a place which moulded me spiritually where I grew up playing with the neighborhood kids too.

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to one and all!! 😀

Thanks & Regards


Bullie & Baarbie