Scale Your Growth

  Exceptional Comparisons Tiny Blocks of Shelter on Mighty Mountains   Scaling Heights of Towering Trees   On what scale do you measure your growth? On it depends whether you're successful or not! Inspired by the WordPress Daily Post Photo Challenge Scale WordPress Daily Prompt Exceptional BullyboyShammypapa                …Read more Scale Your Growth


Sandy Terrains

  Sands on Terrains   Sand on Mountains   Sand on Beaches     Sand on Plains   Every particle of air in the sky, Every drop of morning dew, Every spark of blazing fire, Every grain of dry and wet sand; For us to put our foot forth Firmly on the Earth; Say the…Read more Sandy Terrains

Need of the Hour

  Hour A unit of measurement of the Earth's rotation     Need of an Hour of darkness   The Sun rose and set, But the hours went on; The winds blew in its specific directions, But the hours went on; It drizzled, showered and rained heavily, But the hours went on; The snow fell…Read more Need of the Hour

Pedestrian Sands

  A Walk along the Seashore   Purely Pedestrian!   Walking is an exercise, Making us fit and healthy; Taking us to our destination, Raking the Earth with our footprints! Inspired by Daily Post Photo Challenge Pedestrian Frank Jansen's Dutch goes the Photo Tuesday Challenge Sand BullyboyShammypapa              

Expressive Water!

  Frank Jansen's Tuesday Photo Challenge - Water Condensed Water   Falling Water   Flowing Water   Still Water   Dancing Water   Frothy Water   Silvery Water   Golden Water   Water is a glass and mirror, With no shape or color of its own, But display different forms, activities and reflections!    …Read more Expressive Water!

Corner and Nook

  Nook and Corner   Convergence and Divergence       Intersection   Angles   Cast light on every nook and corner of the mystery of life, To attain enlightenment of the eternal bliss!       Inspired by Daily Post Photo Challenge Corner Daily Prompt Synchronize Bullyboy              …Read more Corner and Nook

Alley – Don’t Lose Your Marbles!

  Frank's Tuesday Photo Challenge - Alley Alleys - Under a shade and without shade     Alleys in Gardens       Alleys in Mountainous Terrain   An Alley in a Field   Walk down the alleys of sweet memories, Talk out the adjectives of all things around, Stalk into the aura of pleasantness…Read more Alley – Don’t Lose Your Marbles!

Republic of India – Freedom Fighters