Republic of India – Freedom Fighters

Silence is Golden

  Frank's Tuesday Photo Challenge - Golden Bask in the Golden Rays of Blessings from the Heaven             Silence is GOLDEN sometimes! When, is in the context of situations!! Inspired by Dutch goes the Photo Tuesday Challenge Golden The Daily Post Photo Challenge Elemental Bullyboy          

3 – Three

  Frank's Tuesday Photo Challenge - Three Hope I'm not monkeying around the script! 😁 Three?...or...One?   It's three!   Three Most Essential Questions in Life: 1 - What? 2 - Why? 3 - When?       Inspired by Dutch goes the Photo Tuesday Challenge Three Bullyboy Shammypapa            …Read more 3 – Three

Woody Mood

  Frank's Tuesday Photo Challenge - Woods Woody Mood         Towering Trees, Falling Water, Sitting Stones, Swimming/Flying Birds, Woods?... or... Mood?       Definitely a pleasant mood in the Woods! Satisfaction of shallow desires!! Nature is richer!!! Inspired by Dutch goes the Photo Tuesday Challenge Woods The Daily Post Photo Challenge…Read more Woody Mood

Yellow Inflorescence

  Frank's Tuesday Photo Challenge - Yellow Weekly Photo Challenge - Ooh, Shiny Flowers and Leaves   Twine lightly - Plants Fine sightly - Flowers Shine brightly - Sun Be it the Sun or a Flower, Yellow... Shines brightly!       Inspired by Dutch goes the Photo Tuesday Challenge Yellow Daily Post Photo Challenge…Read more Yellow Inflorescence


  Frank's Tuesday Photo Challenge - Bugs Cockroaches   Bugs in the Room - Room mates! Debug the Room? 🙂 Inspired by Dutch goes the Photo Tuesday Challenge - Bugs The Daily Post Prompt Pest Bullyboy Shammypapa                                    …Read more Bugs

Bury the Seeds of Life

Bury the Seeds in the Soil! Now!!   For what (soil) plants and trees give us: Oxygen!!! Food Grains:  Rice, Pulses, wheat, nuts and spices Oil:  Gingelly, coconut, olive, corn, sunflower, peanut and in general, vegetable oils. All Fruits and Vegetables Beverages:  Coffee, tea and cocoa Sugar Clothes: Cotton Medicines:  Basil, Neem, Aloe Vera, Eucalyptus,…Read more Bury the Seeds of Life

Story of Vivekananda House

  Frank's Tuesday Photo Challenge - History Vivekananda House - A Landmark in Chennai, known for its distinct architectural features such as the circular core, the semicircular corridors, the hemispherical dome and the square plan.   His-Story Vivekananda House, aka Ice House, is an important architectural monument in Chennai, India, used by the British to…Read more Story of Vivekananda House

Passing By Me

Passengers of Mother Nature... or Messengers of God? Transition of Wind into Storm - Rain   Swaying trees dance to the music of wind!     Emotions of nature pass by, Ejected into the medium of sky, Enter into each and every atom, Enlightening my very own heart's bottom!!!   Transition of Day into Night…Read more Passing By Me