Portion of Role

  An overlap of portions of land and sky     Each portion playing its interdependent role: Land - Supporting! life on earth, Sky - Protecting!! life on earth, Our Portion of role - Enhancing!!! life on earth.       Inspired by the Daily Post Prompt Portion Bullyboy              …Read more Portion of Role

Almighty Sun

Sun – King of Radiation

Inspired by the Daily Post Prompt Radiate


AstroLight – The Almighty Sun


The Almighty Sun is a star in our solar system that provides us life and light.  There would be no life on earth without him.  He is the center of extreme power.  All the planets revolve around the Sun due to his huge gravitational force and receive their light from him.  He is the ruler of all the planets and is the only source of energy.  Other planets reflect only his light.


The luminary’s rays are connected with the inner most spirit of human beings, making him the “Soul of the Universe” representing the life-force on Earth.  In Vedic Astrology, he has been described as the Soul (Atma) of all beings, who is the ‘self’ of a person.

According to Vedic astrology, the Sun is not only the significator or karaka planet for father, one’s soul, self-respect and fame, but also of the first…

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