Reflecting on Qualm - A view of a misty mountain range

Reflecting on Qualm

Events don’t happen as we perceive, think, plan, communicate or execute at times,

Even if it does, we don’t know for sure that it is the right way of happening,

The credit goes to time and fate,

Sometimes we are the doers and at other times, receivers (or victims),

This is the scenario in the worldly affairs of life;

Reflecting on Qualm - A view of a misty mountain range

Qualm has no reason in the higher planes of spiritual life,

All our visions, thoughts, words and actions are compelled and/or controlled by The Supernatural;

Our happenings are predetermined by time? or fate? or The Supreme Power?

One thing is certain: They are predetermined! or destined!

But, we execute events based on our reason and judgment!!

Our reason and judgment is predetermined!!!

It appears as though we take our own decisions,

But, wait a moment…

It is predetermined/destined that we perceive, understand, reason, judge, speak, act, react and counteract in a certain way?


So No Qualms!!!!!

Be Happy – It’s the Panacea


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