Celestial Bodies – Vedic Astrology

Yarn of the Solar System – Inspired by https://dailypost.wordpress.com/prompts/yarn/


Yarn of the Solar System

Assume that the sky is divided into 360 degrees around the earth.  All celestial bodies rise in the east of the horizon of Earth and sets in the west just as the Sun (Surya) and the Moon (Chandra).


Zodiac Sign or Rasi Mandal

Stars or Nakshatras are grouped into 12 signs or rasis/rashis.  Each sign or rasi contains 2-1/4 stars (constellation) each.  Each star or nakshatra consists of four padas, so each sign or rasi consists of (4+4+1) nine padas or navamsas or divisions). The twelve signs or rasis are named Aries or Mesha, Taurus or Vrishabha, Gemini or Mithuna, Cancer or Kartaka, Leo or Simha, Virgo or Kanya, Libra or Thula, Scorpio or Vrischika, Sagittarius or Dhanus, Capricorn or Makara, Aquarius or Kumbha and Pisces or Meena.

House Cusps or Bhava Madhya

  • Ascendant (Lagna) / 1st house cusp – the degree of the…

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