Footprints Of …

  Time? Internal Pressure? External Forces?     or Weather?     Inspired by WordPress Daily Post Photo Challenge - Weathered Bully & Shammy  


Every Tuesday – 2017

Frank Jansen's Dutch goes the Photo - Tuesday Photo Challenges - Top Ten of Travel387 in 2017 1.  Cook, Eat and Drink   2.  Silence is Golden   3.  Woody Mood   4.  A Rich Cultural Heritage   5.  Bends and Slopes   6.  Pink or Flowers?   7.  An Unusual Sight   8.  Sky…Read more Every Tuesday – 2017

The Dusk of 2017

2017 Favorites of Travel387 1.  Vaikunta Ekadasi Falls on December 29, 2017   2.  A Reaper in Solitude   3.  Cook, Eat and Drink   4.  Silence is Golden   5.  Woody Mood   6.  A Rich Cultural Heritage   7.  Bends and Slopes   8.  Pink or Flowers?   9.  Ambience   10.  Graceful…Read more The Dusk of 2017

Build Our Planet

  How to build our planet?   By building our country? Or By building our city or town? It's by developing and enhancing our own nearest surroundings! Yes!! Each one of us with our own efforts!!!       Inspired by Frank Jansen's Dutch goes the Photo Build BullyboyShammypapa            …Read more Build Our Planet


  PROGRESS Vertically? Or   Horizontally? ... Progress in ALL DIRECTIONS!!!!!!!! Yes, in all areas of life and after life! Leading to Transformation!!       ('Jaragandi' is a Telugu word for 'move', used at Tirupati Tirumala God Balaji Temple) 😀 (asking the devotees to move in a single file to visit the God) Inspired…Read more Jaragandi!

Experimental Abstraction

  My Photographic Experiment   With Reflection of Water!! Under the Bridge!!! Howzzit? 😀       Inspired by the WordPress Daily Post Photo Challenge Experimental Frank Jansen's Dutch goes the Photo Tuesday Challenge Bridge